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Development becomes Growing

Some of you might have noticed that the title of my project has changed from Development to Growing in the last couple of months. There is a good reason for this; soon there will be a book available with the pictures of the project. My book will be published by teNeues in English, German and […]

The 23 of 2020

The last day of 2020 is a good moment to look back at the last year and all the species I could add to my project. Because of the situation with the Corona virus, it has been a very difficult year for photographers and this was also the case for me. But fortunately this also […]

Mysterious eggs from my garden

A lot of series of my project are planned, but sometimes they can come as a surprise. The new series, I’m hoping the work on in the next couple of weeks, is a good example of this; I found some mysterious eggs in my garden. They seem to be gastropod eggs, but I’m not sure […]

Growing at a different pace

  For the Development project I document the growth and development of different animal species. But does that mean that all animals of a certain species grow the same way? There is only one clear answer to that question; ‘no’. I’m documenting the development of a certain individual of an animal species under a specific […]

The complicated caterpillar

Creating series for Development is challenging in a number of ways; I’ve written blogs before about big or really small animals, but in my opinion, the biggest challenge has to be animals that go through a big transformation, like some insects (caterpillar to butterfly or larvae to beetle) or amphibians. With these series, timing is […]

Not every aphid is the same

One of the species I would really like to add to the Development project for a while now, is a lady bug. A few years ago, I attempted to follow their growth and development, but I ran into all kinds of problems; a lens that couldn’t magnify enough and escaping aphids. Later, I encountered the […]

The little gecko, that almost died

For most people, taking care of baby animals is a great thing to do. Generally speaking it is, but sometimes things can go horribly wrong. Not all newborn animals are completely healthy and some of them don´t survive. This almost happened to the baby Gargoyle gecko I´m following for the Development project at the moment. […]