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Development in 2019 and 2020

Today is the last day of 2019 and that’s always a good moment to look back at the last 12 months. It has been a very good year for the Development project, with lots of new series and highlights such as a great exhibition in the Rotterdam Museum of Natural History and the Cultuurprijs 2019 […]

A gift from Mother Nature; the Development of a Small White

Sometimes Mother Nature helps with Development; this week I’ve been able to finish the series of the Small White. This time I didn’t receive a kit with eggs, caterpillars and pupae, as with the Large White; the Small White butterflies decided to use the cabbage plants in my garden to lay their eggs themselves.

The pesticide free cabbage problem

The last couple of weeks, I learned a valuable lesson, while taking care of the Large White caterpillars; it’s not very easy to determine if vegetables are really organic and pesticide free. In fact; even organic products can be a big risk for insects like caterpillars. Something that really worries me.

The first native species; Large white

The animal species I’ve photography so far for Development were either classic pets or species that are not native to the Netherlands. The difficulty with our ‘own’ animals, is that many of them are protected by law and you are not allowed keep them in captivity. Fortunately, I found a native species that I can […]

A very fast little stick

A while ago, I´ve written a blog about the Giant prickly stick insect eggs I´ve bought. What looked easy – you buy some eggs online, wait until they hatch and take pictures of the little animal – turned out to be a bigger challenge than I thought. First of all, you can’t take for granted […]

First reptile species; Hermann’s tortoise

This week, after a few weeks summer break, I could finally start with a new series for Development. This is the first reptile species, Hermann’s tortoise. It’s also a new chapter in growth rate. Where for example Canary’s grow very quickly and the challenge is to not miss out on any important stages of their […]

Development in micro size; tropical Triops

I’m always looking for new species to photograph for Development. Sometimes I go to a breeder to do the photo shoot on location, but it can also be more convenient to breed a species myself. That way, it’s easier to combine the project with other commercial assignments. A while ago, I found an ad on […]

Planning the first insect series: Giant prickly stick insect

Lately, I’ve been working on photographing and selecting as many different animals as possible. I started with mammals and have already added fish, bird and a snail species to the project. I hope that I can add a reptile and amphibian species as well soon. But I would also like to document the growth and […]

The fast growers of the animal kingdom; canaries

Last week, I’ve been able to finish another series for Development; the growth of a baby canary into a real bird. It’s hard to imagine, but at only three weeks old, these little guys already look just like an adult bird and it’s hard to tell who are the parents and who are the chicks. […]