Rana temporaria

‘The idea to capture the development of animals originated from the puppies of the breeder of my own dog. When there was a new litter, I went to visit them, of course with my camera. One of the litters, I went to see several times and when I looked at the pictures, I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t have pictures of every week, so I could see how much they have grown and changed. That was the beginning of growing. The majority of the series are photographed at the home of the breeder, but I also started breeding some animals myself (for example some fish species) or I took the eggs or one day old animals home with me, raised them and bought them back to the breeder once my series was completed. Sometimes that was a pretty big challenge, but also a great experience.’

Every species is photographed 8 times, with fixed intervals (for example every 3, 5 or 7 days) depending on their growth rate, to give the best possible idea of their development. Beside the individual photo’s, there’s a overview, were all the photo’s are scaled to proportion to show how much they have grown.