Smudge Spot Cory

1 day old – 7 weeks old

Scientific name: Corydoras similis
Distribution area: Rio Madeira basin, Brasil
Breeder: Marlonneke Willemsen
Breeding group: Commercial bred

February 2021, I bought a Group of Corydoras similis at a local pet store. Soon I discovered, that one of the fish looked different. I contacted the wholesaler who sold the fish to the pet store and they told me that they were captive bred. This means that the odd looking fish is likely to be some kind of hybrid. After a few months the group spawned for the first time. A significant number of eggs were clearly infertile, so I had good hopes that the parents of the fertile eggs were the ‘real’ C. similis. I’ve put some eggs aside to do a photo series and at the beginning, things were looking good, but after 6 weeks one of the fry developed a black spot at the base of its tail. This is common in some Corydoras species, but not C. similis. Therefore it’s possible that the development of the offspring of wild caught Corydoras similis is different.